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The “Cesarine” of Italy open their homes to you, offering: typical dishes, genuine ingredients, authentic hospitality.


for a unique experience


Choose one of the gastronomic journeys in calendar or ask for the availability on another date, and taste the real traditional Italian food.


with friends and fans


Comment on the page of the “Cesarina” and invite your friends. Share the cuisine of
your territory: apply as a “Cesarina/o” !

Dinner at Massimo’s, a unique experience

Pamela, her husband and their friends participated to an Home Food Event at Massimo’s, in Rome, on June 19th. Here below the moving note that Pamela sent us as a comment of the the dinner. “Hello Home Food. ...

Sausages with white grapes

The ingredients for 4 people: 8 fresh sausages 200 g of white grapes 1 small onion salt Trebbiano d’Abruzzo wine   The preparation: Punch the sausages with a needle and sear them in a pan (without adding any sea ...

Territori.Coop went to find out how Cesarine cook the radicchio of Treviso

We follow the different steps leading to the collection of red radicchio of Treviso IGP, to find out what makes this unique clump of deep red color...

The girl with a pearl earring is coming to Bologna

The “Girl with a pearl earring” arrives at Bologna, hometown of Cesarine. Home Food proposes a series of special events marked by Bolognese traditional cooking…

The Bite of the priest

Bite of the priest is the crupper of the chicken, a small triangle that melts in your mouth widely regarded as the most delicious, and even more precious because each chicken has only one...

“Pasta Modern” by Francine Segan. The book on pasta citing Cesarine

To Friends and Friends of the Cesarine mention the release of the sixth book of American author Francine Segan , historical and expert in food supply made ​​in Italy...

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