at the “Cesarine”‘s


the true traditional cuisine


The “Cesarine” of Italy open their homes to you, offering: typical dishes, genuine ingredients, authentic hospitality.


for a unique experience


Choose one of the gastronomic journeys in calendar or ask for the availability on another date, and taste the real traditional Italian food.


with friends and fans


Comment on the page of the “Cesarina” and invite your friends. Share the cuisine of
your territory: apply as a “Cesarina/o” !

The Cesarine save the traditional Italian dishes

Il Messaggero, “The Cesarine save the traditional Italian dishes” October 2014. Italian information daily magazine, circulation: 190.000.   Download pdf: 138 – Il messaggero – Ottobre 2014

A month full of changes

October was a month of great revolutions for our Association: indeed we have a new president , Stella Coppi. Stella succeeded the founder of Home Food, Professor Egeria Di Nallo, whom will continue to be close to us in t ...


Ingredients for the base: 200 gr. of flour 80 gr. of butter 80 gr. of sugar 1 egg Yeast Ingredients for the stuffing: 200 gr. of macaroons 200 gr. of ricotta 100 gr. of sugar 1 egg Preparation: Mix all the ingredients fo ...

Home Food Summer – Arezzo

The Home Food events are a great chance to know both Italy and its food, and new interesting people, here is a picture of the dinner at Fiorenza’s, our Cesarina from Arezzo.

Home Food Summer

We are at Davide and Anita’s, in Castigiorn Fiorentino (AR)     

Home Food Summer

Here some picture from this Summer’s dinners at the Cesarine: our wonderful Cesarine and their delicious dishes never stop to amaze us! We are at Raffaella’s, in Santo Stefano (RA)      

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